We are thrilled to announce that SJS Strategy, a leading Australian specialist in scenario planning, has been acquired to become part of Jester Strategy.
The union is a natural progression following years of successful collaboration between the two organisations. It combines SJS Strategy’s trusted local experience and exceptional value proposition with the world-leading expertise and capabilities of Jester Strategy.
The combination represents a step change for scenario planning in Australia, while at the same time bringing cutting-edge strategy capabilities through Strategy Development, Strategic Planning, and Contingency Planning.
For more information on the acquisition of SJS Strategy by Jester Strategy, please visit our blog.

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Do you want to outsmart your competitors, seize opportunities or increase your competitive advantages? Create your strategy with Jester Strategy.

your strategy

A strategy is not a snapshot. It is a continuous process of reflection and adjustments. Control your strategy with Jester Strategy.

your strategy

Is your strategy ready for tomorrow? Do you have enough competitive advantages compared to others in the market? Challenge your strategy with Jester Strategy.

your strategy

Do you want to outsmart your competitors, seize opportunities or increase your competitive advantages? Jester Strategy has created a proven methodology to answer your complex and strategic challenges in only six steps: the Strategy Cube. We give you structure, cohesion and a critical note during your strategy development. You know your business; we see the strategy. And that combination works every time.

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Strategy is not a snapshot. It is a continuous process of planning, implementation and thinking about results and adjustments. Strategy is not a photo; it is a film. To control the execution of your strategy, we set up two organisational cycles. First, an external cycle aimed to monitor the environment, exposing opportunities and averting threats. Second, an internal cycle to optimise the strategy. Together, these cycles result in clear goals to continuously learn from the process.

your strategy

Often strategies are only working on paper but not in practice. This can have three causes. First: your strategy is not complete. Your ambition is clear, but the planning is lacking. You know what you present to your customers, but not what sets you apart from competitors. Second: your strategy does not anticipate extreme circumstances. Think about severe scarcity, social instability or disruptive technology. Third: your strategy is not clear in the organisation. People do not know the strategic goals. Put some pressure on your strategy and challenge it with our critics. Find out if you have a strategy; we like to challenge you.

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Bas Schulten

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Michiel de Vries

Partner & strategist

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Gabriella Monasso


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Sander van Amelsvoort

Sander van Amelsvoort

Partner & strategist (Jester Strategy Australia)

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Fausto Schuurmans


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Marie-Claire de Koning


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They already trust Jester Strategy


For you, as an organisation, it is difficult to read your external environment. It makes you blind to extreme circumstances. Scenario planning broadens your view at an early stage. Instead of certainties, scenario planning focuses on uncertainties. Scenario planning makes the unthinkable thinkable; it tests if your strategy is future-proof and provides a perspective that aims for action.


Strategic planning defines how your company gets from A to B. You make your strategy concrete with action lines. You determine the time and you make people responsible for different goals. The OGSM (Objectives, Goals, Strategies, Measures) model provides this structure. This way, you can shape the planning, monitor the progress and reflect on the results.

Ready for the future

With pride we present our new book ‘Scenario planning in a week’. Want to learn more about our unique approach to scenario planning? Order your copy on bol.com.

This is what our clients say

Show, don’t tell. We can claim to be experts in the field of strategy, but we prefer to demonstrate it. Explore why both profit and non-profit organisations choose Jester Strategy and witness how we collaborate to achieve the best strategy:

“Jester Strategy has a deep understanding of our company and our market. In formulating our new strategy, we have struck a good balance between innovation and feasibility. I am very impressed with the results.”

Jan Bobbink

Jan Bobbink, CEO Qlip

“The specialists at Jester Strategy have provided excellent advice to the management and Supervisory Board on both the content and the internal process towards a new strategy. The latter is not given by every advisory firm.”

Peter Schrage

Director NV Schadeverzekering

“Jester Strategy made sure we made a quantum leap in determining our strategy.”

Mattijs ten Brink

CEO, Sunweb Group

“We were looking for a different approach to our regular five-year planning process. Jester Strategy was able to bring our diverse team together to stretch our frames of reference and pressure-test the assumptions that underpinned our strategy. This was exactly what we were looking for and certainly not business as usual!”

Prof Calum Drummond AO

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research & Innovation and Vice-President, RMIT University

“Based on the scenarios, we have engaged in conversations with each other that we might not have had otherwise. It is interesting to see how we all have a different perspective on the future. Scenarios allow us to truly incorporate that into our strategic thinking.”

Tonny van de Ven

Chairman at RvB Alwel

“The collaboration with Jester Strategy helps us to look to the future in a structured and creative way. We made a future-proof plan and started a conversation within the university about how and where we work.”

Nico-Tom Pen

Portfolio manager at Vastgoed Universiteit Twente

“The strategy maps from Jester Strategy make our actions concrete to realize our strategy. We know the strategy will come off the paper by placing it in our annual plans.”

Herman Heijtmeijer

Financial director of Voergroep Zuid

“I have really enjoyed working with Jester Strategy. The goal was clear, people actively contributed ideas, and agreements were met. The result is something to be proud of, while this was done under great time pressure. And even now I can still call for support”

Jos van den Broek

Manager Bovag Rijscholen

“We invited Jester Strategy to run their interactive scenario planning session for our Annual Conference in Kyoto. They provided an outstanding presentation and the subsequent interactive session delivered great new insights in an engaging format.”

Claire Williams, BBus, BA, Dip. FP

Committee Member The Alpha Group

“Bringing their expert knowledge of scenario planning, together with polished facilitation skills, the Jester team supported the Authority as it considered a range of known, emergent, and potential issues it may need to manage for the Great Barrier Reef. Supported by Jester’s experience across numerous sectors, the Authority’s management team lifted its gaze beyond short-term challenges to better consider and plan for future possibilities.”

Josh Thomas

CEO, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA)

“As the Project Leader on the client side, I can certainly say that Jester Strategy are a delight to work with. As experts in the scenario planning process, they proved indispensable by competently facilitating our team’s conversation about the future of the energy landscape. They regularly overdelivered on our expectations.”

Yuriy Onyshchuk

Head of Data and Analytics, Energy Safe Victoria

“Our work with Jester Strategy proved insightful and engaging. We gained new insights into many plausible futures, this was achieved through an approach that deeply engaged a cross-section of our staff and leaders as well as external subject matter experts. We were impressed with their ability to motivate and maintain this engagement over series of workshops that produced solid results that we are looking to leverage for some time to come.”

Ian Burgwin

General Manager, Electrical Safety and Technical Regulation Energy Safe Victoria

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Sander. It was a great process and quality delivery; and all within a tight timeframe.”

Prof Swee Mak

Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research Capability) and Professor of Innovation RMIT University

“Jester Strategy worked seamlessly with our team and stakeholders to understand our needs and create a tailored scenario planning solution. Sander was focused on engaging in a high energy and collaborative way throughout the project. We found their approach to be uniquely engaging and inclusive; delivering quality results beyond our requirements.”

Jane Holt

Executive Director, Research Strategy and Services RMIT University

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