Know the forces that shape the future

Our society and economy are changing rapidly. Important change drivers will transform your business environment. You have no or little influence over these forces, you do over your response to them.

We can inspire you with current insights and fresh perspectives. We can help you identify, make sense of, and respond to the most relevant change drivers in your business environment.

Steps of identifying change drivers

Step 1

Determine scope

What topics or strategic issues are to be considered? How far ahead into the future will you look?

Step 2

Explore external environment

What are the relevant change drivers?

Step 3

Analyse the change drivers

Which ones are most impactful? Which are (un)certain? Which ones are most urgent?

Step 4

Define strategic options

What are the implications of the change drivers, the risks and opportunities they present? How can your organisation adapt to these?

What we offer:

Ranging from inspiring keynote presentations and interactive workshops to online trend libraries, we have the right solution for your needs.
Keynotes and training

Let our ‘Jesters’ inspire you. Our experts happily present their take on the most important change drivers for your industry or facilitate an exploration training with your team.    


We can assist you in Identifying the most important change drivers for your organisation along with experts and visionaries. We can facilitate you exploring their opportunities and their risks and stimulate you to create your strategic responses.


Provide everybody in your organisation access to the most relevant change drivers with our online trend library and monitor them with our online early warning system!

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