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We support organisations to develop a deeper understanding of the future. We aim to empower them to make better decisions and create a better tomorrow. Our team of foresight experts combines tried and proven methods with innovative tools to help organisations become more resilient and adaptable.
Contingency planning

With contingency planning you consider a single dominant uncertainty and how that uncertainty could unfold. ‘What if’ scenarios help you think several steps ahead, consider possible risks and opportunities, and craft timely responses.  

Scenario planning

By exploring the ‘known unknowns’, scenarios expand your horizon and can shed light on your blind spots. Learning about the future through developing and experiencing scenarios together sparks creativity and alignment in your organisation. 

Trend scanning

Our society and economy are changing rapidly. Important change drivers will transform your business environment. You have no or little influence over these forces, you do over your response to them.

Bas Schulten

Jester Strategy

Michiel de Vries

Jester Strategy

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