Scenario­ planning.

Thrive in uncertainty

Our world is more complex, uncertain, and changing more rapidly than ever. Predictions are outdated the moment they are made. How can you make future-proof choices in a world like this? Scenario planning is a proven tool to help you make sense of and thrive in all this change and uncertainty.

Resilient, future-proof organisations do not predict one future, they imagine several and adapt. By exploring the ‘known unknowns’, scenarios expand your horizon and can shed light on your blind spots. Learning about the future through developing and experiencing scenarios together sparks creativity and alignment in your organisation. Stress-testing current plans and new ideas with scenarios enables you to adapt to and thrive in a rapidly changing world. We can guide you in this journey.

When to use scenario planning?

Strategy formulation

Which strategic options should you select?

Strategy stress-testing

How future-proof is my strategy?

Risk management

What (new) risks can we prepare for?


Which innovations are needed to be relevant in the future?


Identify and adapt to change early.

Big decisions

Will your major investment thrive in multiple scenarios?

The 6 steps to success with scenario planning

Step 1

Determine scope

A scope will provide focus. Which strategic questions and topics will you explore and how far ahead will you look?

Step 2

Explore external environment

What are the change drivers in your business environment?

Step 3

Identify key uncertainties

Which of the change drivers are most impactful but also difficult to predict? Which ones are deemed key uncertainties?

Step 4

Explore scenarios

Based on a scenario framework you will paint vivid pictures of plausible futures.

Step 5

Identify and test strategic responses

The opportunities and risks the scenarios will present will inspire new strategic options. Use the scenarios to stress-test these and/or your existing strategy.

Step 6

Monitor and adapt to change

Keep scanning your business environment and adapt quickly.

What we offer:

Whatever your goals are or who you want to share the journey to the future with, we got you covered. Ranging from training to scenario gaming, we have the right solution for you. We can help you do it yourself, but we also offer full-service solutions. Please reach out to find out how we can assist you.

Whether you have plans to develop scenarios yourself, want to improve the foresight capabilities of your management team or board, or just want to have an educational and inspiring day with your team, we can provide you with a tailor-made training.  


Ranging from a compact, week-long scenario ‘sprint’ to an extensive project engaging many stakeholders and staff, we can design and manage the project side by side with you. 


Want to involve many people and collaborate independent of time and place? Our online scenario tooling is the solution for you!

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