Barenbrug, an international market leader in grass seeds, has always focused on innovation and quality. To continue serving the growing needs of a global customer base, Barenbrug updates its strategy every three years. For the 2023-2025 strategy update, the management felt the need to evaluate and refine previous choices to lay the foundation for new growth. This was accomplished through a six-month collaborative process with input and involvement from local country managers, facilitated by Jester Strategy.

John Thijssen, CEO of Barenbrug, emphasizes the success of this process: “The collaboration with Jester Strategy was professional, enjoyable and productive. They not only helped us refine the strategy, but also make concrete and specific choices about our future directions – and equally important, what we won’t do.”

Jester Strategy’s approach was highly appreciated by the Barenbrug team. Thijssen states, “The methods encouraged active participation and effective inside-out and outside-in analysis. It was refreshing to get out of our seats and genuinely work together on our future. Jester’s advisors were accessible, pragmatic, and had a clear no-nonsense approach, fitting perfectly with our company culture.”

The efforts resulted in a well-found and refined strategy that not only provides Barenbrug with a clear direction for the future, but also establishes a robust framework for continuous adaptation and improvement. Thijssen concludes, “The past six months have not only brought us closer to our goals, but also laid the foundation for a culture of continuous learning and improvement. The tools introduced or refined by Jester, such as working with future scenarios and using OGSM, form a crucial basis. With the new strategy and the concrete translation into plans in OGSM format, Barenbrug is well-positioned to achieve global growth and development, enabling us to proactively address opportunities and challenges.”