Jester Strategy has been working together with the Amsterdam Economic Board (the Board) for years. Members of Team Jester years ago supported the Board in developing the first set of scenarios for the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam (MRA). On the basis of this scenario set the strategic dialogue on the future has been held with business and industry, government and knowledge institutions. Jester supported several sessions for the Board, but also made various translations for municipalities in the region and guided them in thinking about the future. This ranged from thinking about the logistics of the future to ‘stress testing’ municipal spatial plans on the basis of the scenarios.

With the aid of an ‘early warning system‘ (EWS) from Jester the probability of the scenarios is being watched by an expert panel. By observing which of the MRA scenarios
are coming closer, parties in the MRA can make timely adjustments to become even more adaptive.

New Trends

In 2016 it was time to review the scenario axes. Were the axes still relevant after what has happened in recent years? The conclusion, partly fed by the outputs of the EWS, was ‘yes’. Both key uncertainties still appeared highly relevant and uncertain:

  • How is the economy of the future organized?
  • What is the future of Europe?

Again drawing up scenarios therefore was not necessary. However, the Board has decided to update the scenarios. New trends arise and you have to prepare for them too. On the website of the Board you can find the trends and the updated scenarios.