From Change Agenda to Businessplan

After a change in leadership at the housing corporation UWOON, efforts were made to further professionalise the organisation. During this period, many new employees joined, leading to a renewed sense of enthusiasm. This was also the opportune moment to develoop a new strategy. UWOON enlisted the support of Jester Strategy to assist in articulating the new strategy as clearly as possible in a multi-stakeholder environment, emphasising the importance of securing broad support among employees and stakeholders.

Sprints with the board and engagement with employees

To align the board’s plans as effectively as possible with the support of employees and stakeholders, a hybrid process based on the Strategy Cube® was chosen. Short, efficient sessions were regularly organised with the board to infuse the plan with vision and substance. Simultaneously, we conducted broad sessions involving up to 30 employees to cultivate support. Interactive formats were utilised not only to convey information but also to solicit input. Furthermore, extensive interviews were held with stakeholders to incorporate external perspectives into the process. The ultimate result not only yielded an appealing outlook, particularly for UWOON’s tenants, but also crafted a realistic and achievable strategy for the organisation itself.