SJS Strategy, a leading Australian specialist in scenario planning, is proud to become part of Jester Strategy, an expert on foresight and strategy based in the Netherlands. The acquisition of SJS Strategy by Jester Strategy is a natural progression following years of successful collaboration between the two organisations. Having worked together on numerous projects, the founders of SJS Strategy and Jester Strategy are thrilled to bring together their expertise and resources.

“Since our founding in 2019, we have had the fortune to deliver highly impactful scenario planning projects with our clients across the public, private, academic and not-for-profit sectors; allowing them to make sense of the future and drive more confident decision making. Having delivered impactful scenario planning work, our clients often asked us to provide broader strategy work. As a trusted partner, we would only do that if we could do that as well as our scenario planning work. By becoming part of Jester Strategy, we are not only adding to our scenario planning expertise and capacity, we are now able to bring truly cutting-edge strategy capabilities to the Australian market.” Sander van Amelsvoort – Partner at Jester Strategy Australia.

“This integration allows us to leverage our collective strengths and provide clients with strategic insights tailored to their needs. At Jester Strategy we use our own, proven, methodologies to help clients develop a strategy that is clear, specific and the perfect fit for their organisation. Foresight is key in this process, searching and preparing for the knowns and unknowns on the short and long term. But we do not stop there, because only having a strategy is not enough. We help organisations turn their objectives into timely, concrete and measurable actions with ownership assigned to them. We look forward to working with Australian organisations to ensure their success in a world that is constantly evolving.” Michiel de Vries – Parter Jester Strategy.

The decision to become part of Jester Strategy underscores SJS Strategy’s commitment to empowering organisations with forward-thinking strategy solutions. Drawing upon a shared vision and commitment of making foresight part of the fabric of strategy conversations in Australia, the integration of SJS Strategy into Jester Strategy is poised to drive innovation and foster strategic agility in Australia and its region.

“We are incredibly excited to embark on this new chapter as part of Jester Strategy,” said Sander van Amelsvoort. “The expertise that Jester Strategy has developed in the heart of a highly competitive European market over the last decade will allow us to bring state-of-the-art capabilities. For example, the gamification of foresight and strategy development is allowing our clients to not just imagine the future, but to experience it through a creative and immersive process that brings them incredibly powerful results. In a world that is rapidly changing, our clients are telling us that these premium strategy processes are truly helping their organisations navigate complexity and achieve their strategic objectives.”

About Jester Strategy

Strategy is at the heart of what we do. With our people, books, methodology, innovative practices, and tools, we specialise in assisting (profit and non-profit) organisations in remaining successful in a world that’s constantly evolving.

The Jesters of today. In times past, monarchs relied on their court jester to provide them with honest and contrarian points of view. The jester provided insights into developments outside the court and fostered strategic adaptability through theatre, drama, and play. Today, Jester Strategy brings this enlightening role to your organisation. We are today’s jesters, and we gladly hold a mirror up to you. We offer reflection, advice, and insights into the changing environment, through which we guide and stimulate you to set the direction, ambitions, and development of your organisation.

How do we do this? In an inspiring setting, we challenge you to turn every stone. Together, we craft a compelling strategy that the entire organisation stands behind. Whether it’s about foresight, strategy development, or strategic planning, we offer an approach that’s both accessible and independent, fortified by knowledge, expertise, and constructive challenge.